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BRIGHT 15 chip Reverse LEDs 194/921 Wedge - Error Free - Fits: Toyota Tacoma 2001-2017+


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4pc tool kit

product details

This fits all Toyota Tacoma cars with the 194/921 Reverse Bulb which is many models!
Toyota Tacoma 2001-2017+

These are bright 15chip LED 194 wedge Bulbs
Some of the brightest 194 wedges on the market - all other Light will look dim compared to these.

A must have upgrade for your Tacoma, this is a direct replacement of your current bulbs - you will be amazed by how much light these bulbs produce.

Error Free/Bright/Crisp
No Wire tapping needed
No radio interference
Lifetime Warranty

Included in this kit:
-2 LEDs


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deAutoLED vs Competitor

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